Welcome to the Path to English

The Path to English is a new English Language School set up by Sharon Hadlow.

Sharon originally trained as a Teacher of Adult Education some years back when she studied for a 7307 City and Guilds Teaching Certificate. Over the years she has taught in various different situations and subjects. In 2014 she qualified as a TEFL English Teacher. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Learn English the Practical Way

Group Classes

Group classes are more cost effective for the student and excellent if you have a budget restriction.


You will receive the same kind of professional class that one to one students receive.


The added benefit is that you will meet other students from around the world who you can interact with in the English Language. Therefore you will not only receive a professional lesson but also learn from other students as well.


We need at least 3 students to run a group class.


All our great classes are 40 minutes in duration but this could change in the near future.


In these classes we do role play situations and other fluency activities. This would not be possible to do in our individual classes.


We will also focus on general conversation and our goal is to learn and practice new vocabulary.


We cover many different subjects in these lessons such as:


  • Day at the office

  • My daily routine

  • My apartment

  • Life on the farm

  • Life in Australia

  • Lost in the forest

  • Trip to the hairdresser

  • Body Language and gestures

These are just a few of the many subjects we have available. Like all of our classes they are tailor made to your specific requirements.


Please click here for more details.



Individual lessons

We offer English lessons to students worldwide on a one to one private basis.


All lessons are individually tailored to the students requirements.


We use a modern learning management system where the student will have access to ESL Homework Assignments, Lesson Summaries and be able to track their progress!


Our Student Management System can be accessed from any connected device including laptops, smartphones and tablets. We also use a variety of different teaching tools and techniques including an ESL Lesson Plan library. This library covers reading, listening, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, IELTS and much more!


For more details please click here.

Business English

Our Business English courses are suitable for students wishing to take individual lessons or one of our group classes.


We cover many aspects of Business including:


  • Advertising

  • Customer Service

  • Business Ethics

  • Business Marketing

  • Business Telephone Conversations

  • Interviews

  • International Business

  • Creating a CV

  • Business Presentation

  • Business Travel

  • Business Emails

  • Covering Emails

  • Any many other subjects



Our normal availability is from 12 noon to 9:30pm (UK TIME). However, we do NOT offer lessons on a FRIDAY.

PLEASE NOTE: We also teach many students from language schools as well as offering private lessons so some time slots will not be available. However, we are flexible and have been known to offer lessons even as late as 2300 due to time differences. This will be agreed individually with the student.


Our current time is:



We offer a free ESL placement test to all students to assess their proficiency and current CEFR framework level of the English Language.

This test usually takes just over 1 hour to complete.

It tests the students grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. We give full feedback on the student's final results. We then use these results to build a learning plan for the student to help them with their areas of weakness.

We also offer a discounted trial lesson which enables us to get to know each other a little bit as well as discussing your requirements and a full feedback from the ESL PLACEMENT TEST.

This trial lesson is approximately 30 minutes in duration.

Are you thinking about studying for the IELTS qualification?

Group lessons

Lessons with native

Real talk. Real life

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